“K-Beauty Trend” V-Shape (Or V-Line)

What is V-Shape Botox?

V-Line Botox / V-Line injection (A.K.A Jaw reduction) is a treatment that became popular in South Korea to reduce and smooth the shape of the jawline. The people who seek out this type of reduction often have one or more of the following issues: uneven face ratio, bulging jaw muscles, teeth clenching issues, teeth grinding, chews with one side, and more. After the injection, the patients will feel much more relaxed jaw muscles compared to before, which also makes the jaw line slimmer and V shaped.

Botox Trend – Slimmer Facial Contour

The “V-Line Botox” is one of the most popular treatments in Medical Cosmetics creating a nice and smooth face line is something that will highlight your facial features.  Some opt to go through surgery in order to achieve the perfect V-line, but surgery may not be the right solution for everyone.  The “V-Line Injection” procedure is simple and safe.  Call us to find out if this treatment is suited for you.

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