BOTOX COSMETIC® Treatment for…

• Fine Lines

• Frown

• Wrinkles around eyes and lips

• Slimmer Jaw Line

• Legs & Shoulder

• Skin Botox for overall lifting

Rediscover Your Youth and Achieve Flawless Skin with Botox® & Dysport® Treatment!

BOTOX for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are natural signs of aging. As people age, their skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic. This leads to wrinkles, creases, and fine lines. The most common area for wrinkles treatment is Forehead, Glabella, Crow’s feet, and Bunny lines. Usually, they are caused by Facial expressions, such as smiling, frowning, or squinting. To be able to express ourselves and still look younger, Trinity has developed a natural-looking technique with a follow-up system for the best natural-looking result.

When does the result show?

As Botox® / Dysport® is a temporary treatment to relax the muscle which causes wrinkles, the patient may come every 3-12 months depending on the size of the muscle. After the first injection, Trinity Medispa recommends coming in for follow-up treatment after 1 to 2 months for a touch-up if needed, to create a natural-looking result.  As Botox® / Dysport® relaxes the muscle, patients can see usually see visible results from 5 to 14 days after the treatment. 

Between 3 to 4 month after the first injection, patients will see the effects starting to wear off.  The treatment can then be repeated once the effects start to weaken at any time after this.

Depending on the muscle being targeted, some patients may only require annual treatments to maintain their desired effect.

What is the difference?

BOTOX vs Dermal Filler

BOTOX® / Dysport® reduces the activity of the muscles being targeted. Botox® works by temporarily blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, thereby reducing muscle movement and causing wrinkles to relax and soften.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, fill depleted facial features, and in many instances stimulate collagen growth. You can see the immediate change after the treatment with dermal fillers. The most common uses of dermal fillers are for lip argumentation, skin plump, lifting sagging areas to replace collagen loss, correct wrinkles and restoring smoothness and volume to the skin. The effects of most fillers are nearly instantaneous.

Korean beauty jaw reduction botox dysport

Iconic Korean Beauty Secret!
For slimmer looking jawline

V-Shape Botox 

V-Line Botox / V-Line injection (A.K.A Jaw reduction) is a treatment that reduces the size of the musculature responsible for closing the jaw.  Patients who seek this type of treatment have issues with an uneven face ratio, bumpy jawlines, teeth clenching or teeth grinding habits, chewing with one side than the other, and more.

After the injection, the patients will feel much more relaxed jaw muscles compared to before, and see their chewing muscles receed to make the jawline more slimmer.


V-Line Botox is when Botox is injected into the masseter muscle.  It is also sometimes called Masseter Botox.

Botox Trend – Slimmer Facial Contour

The “V-Line Botox” is one of the most popular treatments at Trinity Medispa.  This trend started in South Korea and we have been providing this service ever since.  Some opt for complicated and painful surgery to augment the shape of their jawline.  However, the “V-Line Injection” procedure is simple, safe and highly effective.

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