Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection

Platelet-rich plasma (abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. Although blood is mainly a liquid (called plasma), it also contains small solid components (red cells, white cells, and platelets.) The platelets are best known for their importance in clotting blood. However, platelets also contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which are very important in the healing of injuries, repairing and regenerating tissues. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a natural therapy that rely on a technique which is both simple and safe and which uses the regenerative and healing properties of platelets. It is a very simple and safe technique that exploits the regenerative potential contained in our platelets, in order to induce tissue repair & new tissue generation.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection

PRP injections are used to treat for various conditions, from sports injuries to hair loss and skin rejuvenation. PRP injection is to deliver high concentrations of growth factors to a treatment area, with the purpose of stimulating a healing response and new cells generation.

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women. It is a state of the art, non surgical, totally natural, alternative medical procedure used for the treatment of hair loss or hair thinning. It is an injectable treatment which uses the patient’s own blood.

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

PRP is great for skin rejuvenation in many different ways, especially for pigmentation treatment and scar treatment. PRP can be combined with Botox injections, and laser rejuvenation for the best result. PRP is also known as a Vampire Facial. In recent years, PRP therapy was introduced as a method of non-surgical skin rejuvenation, helping to accelerate normal cell renewal and healing processes by stimulating collagen formation, revascularization (increasing blood supply) and repair.


22 women participated in a study, published by the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, that combined PRP with Fractional Laser treatments to analyze the effects on rejuvenating their skin. 11 had a topical application of PRP along with 3 Fractional laser treatments, while the other 11 just had 3 Fractional Laser treatments alone. The patients were evaluated both before they were treated and 30 days after their treatments. Several different types of assessments were employed, including blind clinical evaluations, patient satisfaction and even biopsies of the skin. The results showed that skin rejuvenation was better with PRP, and patient satisfaction was higher with PRP compared to Fractional Laser alone.

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